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Psalms Coloring Posters

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To learn more, click here to download our Psalms Coloring Posters Infoguide.

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Our Psalms Coloring Posters include nine unique coloring posters. They are based on the Psalm texts from the Revised Common Lectionary (Year B). Each illustration highlights specific themes and emotions from that Psalm, and the texts from the Psalms are also incorporated into the drawing.

Whether you're looking for an intergenerational program, a communal art activity, a program for a retreat, or something new and different for Lent, our Psalms Coloring Posters provide a creative, engaging, and participatory way of engaging with faith.

Poster Details

  • The nine posters are 24"x36".
  • Your download will include the digital files and printing instructions.

Your purchase includes both Adobe Illustrator (AI files) and Adobe Acrobat (PDF files) versions of the posters. After your purchase, you will immediately receive a download link to get your zip file. Detailed instructions will come with the download as to how we suggest getting the posters printed. If you have the files printed somewhere like Staples, we recommend having them printed as engineering prints (and specifically asking for "engineering prints" and not "posters"), as that is the most inexpensive option available. You can learn more about engineering prints here.

Ideas for Using Our Coloring Posters

If you're wondering how to use these coloring posters, you can get some great ideas from these blog posts.

Additional Poster Details

Why focus on the Psalms? The Psalms are a great source of theological creativity, depth, and wonder. Reading the Psalms allows us to learn that emotions are a good thing and that we shouldn't try to hide them from God. Reading the Psalms gives us words to express the feelings we have, and helps us to see the authors of the Psalms struggled with many of the same things we struggle with.

Another great reason to purchase our Psalms Coloring Posters is that they can be used anytime you want, and are not uniquely tied to Lent. While the Psalms come from the RCL texts for Lent (Year B), these are also Psalms that can (and should!) be studied throughout the year so it isn't a problem if you don't finish all the posters. Use a few during Lent, save one for a youth group retreat, use another for a women's Bible study...they're perfect for so many occasions.

Psalms Used for our Psalms Coloring Posters:

  • Poster 1: Psalm 25:1–10
  • Poster 2: Psalm 22:23–31
  • Poster 3: Psalm 19
  • Poster 4: Psalm 107:1–3, 17–22
  • Poster 5: Psalm 51:1–12
  • Poster 6: Psalm 31:9–16
  • Poster 7: Psalm 116:1–2, 12–19
  • Poster 8: Psalm 22:1–22
  • Poster 9: Psalm 118:1–2, 14–24

More Psalm Resources

  • Psalms Coloring Pages: Our 8.5×11 coloring pages include both the poster illustrations, as well as a simplified design for those who prefer less detail.
  • Psalms Devotional Guide: While you could go through this devotional guide without purchasing the coloring posters or pages, this guide is meant to accompany the coloring posters and coloring pages.
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