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🌎 EARTH DAY SALE! 22% OFF all Curriculum Products - Including Compassion Camp 🌎


Coloring & Conversation: Psalms

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This product was created to supplement our Psalms Coloring Pages and Psalms Coloring Posters. You'll need to purchase one of those items to use with this resource.

Coloring & Conversation: Psalms provides your group with nine different conversation starters and lessons while you color and reflect on psalms from the Revised Common Lectionary (the Lenten Psalms from Year B). This Coloring & Conversation is designed for youth (grades 6–12) but can also be used with college students, adults, or within an intergenerational setting.

While Coloring & Conversation: Psalms goes along with the Revised Common Lectionary Lenten Psalms for Year B, it can also be used throughout the year.

The nine lessons and conversation starters are designed to use during Lent, or you can integrate our Psalms Coloring Posters or Coloring Pages with these lessons throughout the year. Additionally, these resources are versatile enough for various settings: one lesson could be ideal for a youth retreat, while another might suit an adult Bible study. This resource offers great flexibility.

The conversation starters for each theme include a Look, Listen, and Learn section. Look and identify what they see in the illustration. Listen to suggested songs as you color that help you connect with each theme. Learn what others have said about each theme and what the Bible teaches you.

We hope that while your hands are busy, your mind can settle to wonder, explore, and embrace each psalm.

Possible Ways to Use This Resource

  • You can order the Psalms Coloring Posters and use this guide as the content portion of your youth group for Lent and Holy Week.
  • You could order the Psalms Coloring Pages, print out individual coloring pages to use with youth in small groups or home groups, and use this resource as your conversation and discussion guide as you reflect on the themes of Lent.
  • Does your community host intergenerational gatherings throughout the year or perhaps during Lent? Use the Psalms Coloring Posters and gather multiple generations together for a time of creativity and reflection during Lent.
  • Give your college students time to color and gather for reflection using the Psalms Coloring Posters or the Psalms Coloring Pages.


The Psalms used in this resource are the same as the other Psalms products we offer:

  • Psalm 25:1–10
  • Psalm 22:23–31
  • Psalm 19
  • Psalm 107:1–3, 17–22
  • Psalm 51:1–12
  • Psalm 31:9–16
  • Psalm 116:1–2, 12–19
  • Psalm 22:1–22
  • Psalm 118:1–2, 14–24

File Delivery

You will receive a downloadable PDF of the first lesson upon pre-ordering. When the product is completed, you'll receive the full set of lessons via a product update that will be emailed to you. 

Coloring Posters or Pages

Don't forget to order coloring posters or coloring pages to go along with this Coloring & Conversation resource.

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