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ALL December: Spend $50, Save 5%—Spend $100, Save 10%—Spend $200, Save 15%
ALL December: Spend $50, Save 5%—Spend $100, Save 10%—Spend $200, Save 15%


Tax Exemption

Due to state sales tax laws, Illustrated Ministry adds sales tax to the price of products in states where we either have sales tax nexus or a permanent fixture/staff member.

As of August 1, 2022, those states include Wisconsin, Texas, Minnesota, and Michigan. However, we will continue including additional states as we reach state tax thresholds.

If you are a tax-exempt church or organization and wish to have your purchases be tax-exempt, we need to receive documentation of your tax-exempt status. To apply tax-exempt status to your future orders, you need to have a customer account on our store or have previously ordered from us. In the form below, you will need to use the email address connected to your account (or previous purchases), and we can properly update your status in our software. If you are not a current customer or have not created a customer account, we have no way of documenting your status. Please create a customer account here.

We recommend that all US-based customers with tax-exempt status complete the form below, so we have your information on file if and when we begin to need to collect sales tax in your state.

Here are some additional details:

  • To set you up as being tax-exempt, you have to have purchased something from us in the past or have set up an account with us (you can do that here if you haven’t yet).
  • You need to fill out the form below and upload your tax-exempt certificate as a PDF.
  • We will process tax-exempt requests once per week, and you will be notified when your tax-exempt status is active or if we need additional information.
  • Once you are set up, you’ll need to use the email address that we have the tax-exempt status associated with to make your purchases.

If you set up tax-exempt status with your customer email address and then make a purchase from a different email address (that isn’t set up for tax-exempt status), we can’t remove sales tax from the purchase.