Christ is Risen Coloring Page & Poster

If you purchased the Seven Last Words Coloring Posters, you do not need to purchase this image as it is included in that set. This is available as a digital download only. No product will be mailed to you.

Our Christ is Risen Coloring Page & Poster is the 6'x2' banner image from our Seven Last Words Coloring Posters (the eighth illustration). It features the theme "BELIEVE" with a focus on Luke 24:10-11, telling the story of the women coming to the tomb and then going off to share the good news that Christ is Risen!

If you are interested in doing a coloring project, but don't want or need as many posters as come with our Seven Last Words Coloring Posters, this could be the perfect option for you.

    Poster Details

    When you order this product, you will immediately be able to download the digital files. You will receive:

    • Banner image files that are sized to be printed out on two 2' x 3' posters (which can be done at Staples or other office stores).
    • A banner image file that is sized to be printed out on one 2' x 6' poster (if you have access to a printer who can print that size).
    • The image also comes sized to be printed out on 8.5" x 11" and 11" x 17" paper sizes.
    • Your purchase does not include a colored version of the poster - it is just included in the product listing to help give you a feel for what it could look like.
    • Instructions for printing the files.

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