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👀 Brand-new stained glass-inspired Nativity Stickers • Pre-order today!
👀 Brand-new stained glass-inspired Nativity Stickers • Pre-order today!


"You Are Loved" Flag

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Available in both English and Spanish, our “You Are Loved” Flag is the message we need to be sharing with each other, now more than ever. No matter where you display this flag, people who see it will remember they are loved by you, your community, and God.

This simple yet important message is perfect for hanging in an office space, flying in front of your home or community, or throwing it up in a dorm room.

The words are placed on a rainbow of colors: a reminder of God’s love and inspired by this Pride Flag redesign by designer Daniel Quasar. The traditional rainbow colors represent the LGBTQ community. The addition of the black and brown stripes represents the black and brown members of the LGBTQ community, and the light blue, light pink, and white colors specifically represent the transgender community.

Please note that our translation of “You Are Loved” as “Eres Amad@” is not a typo or a mistake. One of Illustrated Ministry’s values is to use inclusive language, which is tricky with a gendered language like Spanish. After talking with some Spanish speakers familiar with issues surrounding inclusion and language, and doing our research, we learned of a few different ways to communicate the phrase “You Are Loved” in a more inclusive way. Rather than just defaulting to the masculine conjugation of “to love” - Amado - we chose “amad@.” The at-sign (@) is often used by progressive Spanish speakers finding more inclusive approaches to a traditionally gendered language.

Flag Details

  • 100% polyester
  • Knitted fabric
  • Fabric weight: 4.42 oz/yd²
  • Design printed on one side
  • Blank reverse side
  • Two iron grommets
  • Available in one size:  34 ½” x 56”

Flag design is printed on one side

One question we often get is whether we could provide an option that has the design printed on both sides. The quick answer is, "Yes, we wish we could!" These flags are being printed and fulfilled by Printful (our third-party print-on-demand service). They only offer the flag with the design on one side. If we are ever able to get it on both sides, we will definitely try to make them available in that format.

Shipping Details

  • Estimated Fulfillment Time: 9–14 business days (in the United States, longer elsewhere)
  • Shipping Costs: Shipping rates are calculated for your order based on live rates provided by shipping couriers.
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