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The Lord's Prayer Curriculum Coloring Posters

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$69.99 - $74.99
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Because of supply chain issues with the premium paper on which we print our coloring posters, expect a slight delay in fulfillment, shipping, and delivery of coloring posters.

These posters were created to accompany The Lord's Prayer: An Illustrated Curriculum. If you are looking for digital posters of just the Lord's Prayer, you want our Hand-Lettered Lord's Prayer Coloring Posters.

These are available as a physical product and a digital product that you print yourself. The printed product is available to US and Canada customers only. Please be sure to make the correct selection when you purchase.

If you've purchased our posters before, please be advised that these are a little different than our other coloring posters. And some might say even more fun! Read on to learn more.

Our Lord's Prayer Curriculum Coloring Posters require the use of The Lord's Prayer: An Illustrated Curriculum.

The poster set includes three beautifully-illustrated posters of the Lord's Prayer, as well as three interactive posters that require the use of the curriculum. There are activities and prompts in the curriculum that invite curriculum participants to both draw and write on the posters, as well as color and add their creative touch!

Participants will be able to engage with the posters in a way that is unlike any of the other coloring posters we've offered in the past.

All combined, this set of coloring posters provides six posters, three that are 3' x 2' and three that are 2' x 3'.

For more details about how these posters are used with our curriculum, and to get a free sample of the curriculum, go here.

Poster Details and Pricing

• Physical Posters: These six posters are printed on thick, 32-pound paper that works beautifully with many different mediums – from crayons to colored pencils to markers. While getting the digital files and printing them yourself is certainly an available option, the quality will not be the same as that of the posters we ship. Physical posters are available only to US and Canadian mailing addresses.

• Digital Files: If you need/want the flexibility of printing out your own different versions/wording of the Lord's Prayer, you can purchase these digital files (or add them to the physical posters - see below).

At the time of purchase, you will receive a link to download the illustrations in a Zip file. Depending on where you live, you may not have the exact same paper size, but you can resize the files as needed. Detailed instructions will come with the download as to how we suggest getting the posters printed. "Engineering prints" instead of "posters" is the most inexpensive option available. You can learn more about engineering prints here.

Digital Add-On: If you want BOTH the physical posters and all the posters in a digital format that includes the different versions/wording of the Lord's Prayer, simply add both the Physical Posters and the B&W Digital Files to your cart and use the discount code LORDS-PRAYER-BUNDLE at checkout to save 50% off the cost of the digital files.

If you are curious about how others have used our large format posters and would like to see inspirational photos, check out this helpful blog post.


Shipping & Handling Costs

  • Upon receiving your order, we will begin processing your order and your posters should ship within a few days. Please note: UPS can't ship to PO Boxes, so please make sure your shipping address is a physical address for UPS. Shipping details are below:
  • Shipping Costs: Shipping rates are calculated for your order based on live rates provided by USPS and UPS. You can select your preferred shipping service during the checkout process.

Why pay the extra for the physical posters?

Part of the reason our posters are loved by so many is the quality of the posters themselves. We’ve gone through a few different types of paper with our coloring posters, and we are thrilled with the paper we’re currently using. The 32-pound paper we currently use works great with colored pencils, crayons, and markers.

When you buy the physical posters from us, you will receive the illustrations on an amazingly high-quality paper.

We currently only ship to the United States and Canada. Since we have a large community of international customers, we also provide our poster illustrations as downloadable digital files. We know that for some folks, getting the digital files can be more convenient (and for some, it’s the only option). We are happy to provide that resource.

However, the quality of paper you will get at other print shops (or stores like Staples/FedEx) is not nearly as nice as the quality that we provide when we ship the posters to you.

Don’t get us wrong – it’s certainly not bad (we shipped our very first two sets of coloring posters after having them printed at Staples). But the high-quality paper is stronger and provides better color quality.

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