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Illustrated Worship Resources: Holy Week 2018

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Illustrated Worship Resources provide you with creative, hand-drawn full-color illustrations to use for your Children's Moments during worship, as well as creative, engaging and fun Children's Worship Bulletins that don't suck. 

For 2018, we're offering our Illustrated Worship Resources for the Revised Common Lectionary texts for just Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. This material covers two Sundays starting on Palm Sunday (March 25) and continuing through Easter (April 1).

If you purchased the Spring 2018 edition or the Lent edition, there is no need to purchase this. These weeks are included in those two products. We just know there are some in our community who don't want to use these materials year-round (or don't have the resources to do so) but would like to do something special for a few Sundays each year). That is why we make this option available.

Illustrated Children's Moments

  • You will receive two full-color, original, hand-drawn illustrations of Bible stories from the lectionary. These aren't your Precious Moments Bible story illustrations - the style is playful and modern.
  • Each illustration is accompanied by a thoughtful reflection you can use to plan your children's moment. It's not a script, but you can use it to craft a children's sermon that engages children where they are.

Below is a list of the stories that are illustrated in this Lenten edition of our Illustrated Worship Resources: 

  • March 25: Mark 11:1-11 (Palm Sunday)
  • April 1: John 20:1-18 (Easter Sunday)

    Children's Worship Bulletins

    • You will also receive two Children's Worship Bulletins, covering Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday.
    • Activities in the worship bulletins include word searches, lots of white space for imaginative drawing based on prompts, word scrambles, connect-the-dots, and lots of creative coloring opportunities. 
    • These could be given to children as they enter into worship, placed in children’s worship bags, or I’ve seen some Sunday School teachers who use them if they have some extra time after the class is done, or if they want to just send something home with the kids.
    • People have told us that our Children's Worship Bulletins are more relevant, engaging and creative than many of the other ones that have been out there for years.

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    About our Tiered Pricing Structure

    Thousands of churches have used our products over the past year, and we've been excited to see tiny country churches in the most rural parts of the country having access to, and being able to afford, the same curriculum, worship resources and products that large churches in large metropolitan areas can afford.

    One of the ways we do that is through a tiered pricing structure. We aim to make the price of our products both accessible and fair, and so we ask that you select the appropriate option for your church size. We don't at this time, however, have a way of verifying the church size of everyone who places an order - it is strictly on the honor system.

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