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Illustrated Lenten Spiral

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Our Illustrated Lenten Spiral offers a unique and engaging way for you, your family, and your community to participate in meaningful activities throughout the Lenten season. This is similar to how our Illustrated Advent Calendar guides participants through the Advent season leading into Christmas.

This Illustrated Lenten Spiral will guide you, your family, and your community through the Season of Lent with activities, family questions, inspiring nature walks, and feast days to enjoy together. Beginning on Ash Wednesday, the Illustrated Lenten Spiral takes you through the 40 days of Lent, including the Sunday Feast Days, culminating on Easter Sunday.

Spirals, a naturally occurring pattern, appear when things are in a state of growth and expansion. These spirals can be followed inward and outward, serving as a guide to mark one’s personal and spiritual growth through the transformative journey of Lent. As you journey through our galactic Illustrated Lenten Spiral, here are some activities you can expect each week:

  • The Verse of the Week provides the foundation for the rest of the week’s activities.
  • Friday Family Conversations will offer questions to discuss with your family, preferably during an evening meal.
  • Saturday Nature Walks are times to escape the walls of our houses and breathe deeply. There will be a specific way suggested to connect to nature each week.
  • Sunday Feast Days are days we celebrate that nothing we do will separate us from the love of God. Use the suggestion provided, or choose another way to feast!

For 2024, we are excited to introduce the Galaxy version of the Illustrated Lenten Spiral. Keep an eye out for more versions in the future, each designed to enrich your Lenten journey in new and inspiring ways.

Your purchase includes a full-color Illustrated Lenten Spiral and a black-and-white colorable version. You can print out the full-color version for a fun and colorful Lenten display in your home. Or you could print out the black-and-white version and color in the shapes as you complete each activity.

We will release a new version annually, so come back and check out our newest version each year.

How can I use it?

You can use it with your family, purchase it to hand out to families in your church, or send a copy to your grandkids! Simply print (either one 11x17 sheet of paper or two 8.5x11 sheets of paper), color, and create memories as you journey through Lent.

What do I get?

Upon completing your purchase, you'll instantly receive a download link for the PDF containing the 8.5x11 versions of the product. This PDF also provides access to the 11x17 versions of the Illustrated Lenten Spiral and comprehensive details about the product and instructions for its use. Additionally, the PDF offers best practices for sharing our digital products with your community.

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