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Illustrated Invitation Coloring Posters

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Original price $49.99
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These posters go with our curriculum, An Illustrated Invitation: Joining God at Work in the World. The curriculum is purchased separately and DOES NOT include these posters. For details about An Illustrated Invitation curriculum, and to get a free sample lesson from the curriculum, click here.

Our Illustrated Invitation Coloring Posters highlight biblical stories of joining God at work in the world from both the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament. These posters will draw all ages into conversation with these biblical stories which show us what God is doing and invite us to consider how to join in that work. 

You will get FOUR (4) coloring posters (you will not get the full-color images, they are provided here for reference only and for you to save and use in your promotional materials):

  • ONE (1) large 4′ x 3′ poster that addresses the overall theme of "Invitation."
  • THREE (3) 2′ x 3′ posters, which include symbols and words from the four stories that are part of each module (modules detailed below).

Digital, Physical, or Digital Add-on?

  • Physical posters are printed on our special 32 lb paper and are only shipped to the US and Canada.
  • Digital files are PDF files that you can send to a local printer or print yourself. Digital is the only option available to customers outside the US/Canada. These files are available to download immediately upon purchase. All printing tips and details are provided with the PDF. We recommend going to an office supply store like Staples and asking for "engineering prints," not posters.

Digital Add-on: Save 50% OFF the B&W Digital Files when you add both the Physical Posters AND the B&W Digital Files to your cart and use the discount code INVITATION-ADD-ON at checkout.

    An Illustrated Invitation Module Details:

    The THREE (3) 2′ x 3′ posters include symbols and words from the four stories that are part of each module in the curriculum (curriculum must be purchased separately here).

    MODULE 1: God’s Invitation in the Hebrew Scriptures:

    • Genesis 12:1-3; 15:1, 5-6: God Invites Abram and Sarai
    • Genesis 21:5-21: God’s Love for Hagar and Ishmael
    • Genesis 28:10-19: The Place God Was In
    • Numbers 27:1-11: Five Daughters Demand to be Included

    MODULE 2: God’s Invitation in the New Testament:

    • Luke 2:41-52: God’s Wisdom is with the Child
    • Luke 19:1-10: Jesus Surprises Zacchaeus
    • Matthew 22:34-40: Love God, Love Your Neighbor
    • Acts 16:13-15: Lydia Extends an Invitation

    MODULE 3: Accepting God’s Invitation:

    • Deuteronomy 6:4-9; 24-25: Everywhere You Go
    • Leviticus 25:8-10: Jubilee
    • Acts 2:1-12; 37-47: The Gift of the Holy Spirit
    • 1 Corinthians 11:23-26: Remember Me
    Shipping Info:
    • Upon receiving your order, we will begin processing your order and your posters should ship within a few days. Please note: UPS can't ship to PO Boxes, so please make sure your shipping address is a physical address for UPS. Shipping details are below:
    • Shipping Costs: Shipping rates are calculated for your order based on live rates provided by USPS and UPS. You can select your preferred shipping service during the checkout process.

    Why pay the extra for the physical posters?

    Part of the reason our posters are loved by so many is the quality of the posters themselves. We’ve gone through a few different types of paper with our coloring posters, and we are thrilled with the paper we’re currently using. The 32-pound paper works great with colored pencils, crayons, and markers. 

    When you buy the physical posters from us, you will receive the illustrations on an amazingly high-quality paper.

    We currently only ship to the United States and Canada. Since we have a large community of international customers, we also provide our poster illustrations as downloadable digital files. We know that for some folks, getting the digital files can be more convenient (and for some, it’s the only option). We are happy to provide that resource.

    However, the quality of paper you will get at other print shops (or stores like Staples/FedEx) is not nearly as nice as the quality that we provide when we ship the posters to you.

    Don’t get us wrong – it’s certainly not bad (we shipped our very first two sets of coloring posters after having them printed at Staples). But the high-quality paper is stronger and provides better color quality.

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