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👀 Brand-new stained glass-inspired Nativity Stickers • Pre-order today!


An Illustrated Invitation: Joining God at Work in the World

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An Illustrated Invitation Curriculum is a 12-week, no-prep curriculum that highlights biblical stories of joining God at work in the world from the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament. It is designed to draw children ages preschool to fifth grade into conversation with biblical stories, showing them what God is doing, and inviting them to consider how to join in that work.

Each lesson highlights a particular biblical story and provides opportunities to focus on hearing and reflecting on the story with open-ended questions, creating meaningful art, sharing in an interactive activity based on the story, and providing an opportunity to share God’s love. If you want to learn more, you can find out more details here. It is divided into these three modules:

Module 1: God’s Invitation in the Hebrew Scriptures

  • Genesis 12:1-3; 15:1, 5-6: God Invites Abram and Sarai
  • Genesis 21:5-21: God’s Love for Hagar and Ishmael
  • Genesis 28:10-19: The Place God Was In
  • Numbers 27:1-11: Five Daughters Demand to be Included

Module 2: God’s Invitation in the New Testament

  • Luke 2:41-52: God’s Wisdom is with the Child
  • Luke 19:1-10: Jesus Surprises Zacchaeus
  • Matthew 22:34-40: Love God, Love Your Neighbor
  • Acts 16:13-15: Lydia Extends an Invitation

Module 3: Accepting God’s Invitation

  • Deuteronomy 6:4-9; 24-25: Everywhere You Go
  • Leviticus 25:8-10: Jubilee
  • Acts 2:1-12; 37-47: The Gift of the Holy Spirit
  • 1 Corinthians 11:23-26: Remember Me

What will I receive when I purchase the complete Curriculum Bundle?

Twelve no-prep lessons covering stories from the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament.

Each lesson includes the following:

  • Introductory comments for the teacher
  • A physically-active opening gathering activity that connects to the biblical story
  • A child-friendly paraphrase of the scripture which you can use as a script for the kids
  • Illustrated Story Cards: simple drawings and statements that depict central elements of the biblical story for that lesson, allowing children the opportunity to tell the story back to you by placing the cards in the right order. These also make great additional coloring pages.
  • Suggested questions for discussing and imagining together
  • A beautifully-illustrated coloring page that highlights one scene from the story
  • An extra activity to help the children join God at work in the world
  • A closing prayer

You will also receive the 8.5x11 version of our Illustrated Invitation Coloring Pages.

Note: The coloring pages included in the curriculum can only be printed out as 8.5x11 coloring pages. If you want the other sizes, you will need to order the Coloring Pages separately here. Coloring posters are NOT included in your purchase of the Curriculum Bundle. They are available for purchase separately here.

"This sounds great, but we don't need something for 12 weeks."

While the best deal is to purchase the complete Curriculum Bundle (starting at $79.99), if you want to try out our curriculum or are only interested in one of the modules, you can purchase the modules individually. Each module contains four weeks of material.

Delivery of Files

When you make your purchase, you will be taken to a page to download your product, and you'll also receive an email with a link to download An Illustrated Invitation. You will download a ZIP file where you can access all of the curriculum files. If you aren't familiar with ZIP files, a quick YouTube/Google search will help you figure out what to do with them.

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