"Blessed to Be a Blessing" Backpack Tags

Download our digital "Blessed to Be a Blessing" Backpack Tags, print them out and get ready for your community's Blessings of the Backpacks.

We also have a Spanish-language version available which you can purchase here. The message on that tag is Bendecido Para Ser Una Bendición.

Many faith communities have started to have a Blessing of the Backpacks as children and teachers head back to school. It's also a time where kids of all ages, adults and any who are interested can get their backpacks, messenger bags, briefcases, tote bags, etc., blessed at the same time.

For those communities who participate in this ritual, we wanted to provide you with a backpack tag that you could use for your Backpack Blessings. 

And what better message to keep with your backpack all year than Blessed to Be a Blessing? We have all been blessed by God, but it's important to remember that we haven't been blessed just so that we could sit around and keep those blessings to ourselves. Rather, we have been blessed by God so that we might go out INTO the world and be a blessing TO the world.

Details about the Tags

Upon placing your order, you will receive a ZIP file that will include both B&W and color versions of the tags, as well as each individual tag as a PDF file. We will also include a PNG image file of the illustration in case you want to use it for your PowerPoint slides or newsletters.

You can print these on standard business card stock (3.5" x 2") like the Avery business cards #8871. Our files are formatted to print on these #8871 Avery business cards, though you may need to play around with the file a bit depending on your printer.

    Laminating the Tags
    We aren't a wealth of knowledge when it comes to laminating (just go to YouTube and search for what you are wanting to do with the tags), but here are some items* that could help you print and laminate the tags:

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