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Illustrated Worship Planning Guide: All Saints' Day

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We know how much time it takes to write creative liturgy for special Sundays like All Saints' Day and we know how frustrating it can be to look around online for inspiration. Besides, you never really know what you’re going to find online, and you don’t know if it will theologically line up with your community.

We want to make things a little easier for you, and so we’ve put together this Illustrated Worship Planning Guide.

What’s included in the Planning Guide?

Our Illustrated Worship Planning Guide will walk your church staff (or worship committee, church council, pastor, etc.) through the process of creating relevant liturgy for your specific community in special liturgical times. This guide provides a liturgical framework for special Sundays with prompts toward reflective discussion, prompts for creating a multi-sensory experience of liturgy, and examples of litanies for the different parts of the liturgy (Passing of the Peace, Prayer of Confession and Assurance of Pardon, Prayers of the People, Invitation and Welcome to the Table, and Charge & Benediction).

How will I use it?

There are many different ways to use it. A worship retreat would be an ideal time to work through the planning guide in its entirety. If time allows, you may consider splitting up the three sections to fit into two or three different meetings. Or you could send this packet to your team to work through individually and then return with all their responses to the planning meeting for discussion. Or maybe, all you need are some prayers and litanies that are specific to this special Sunday.

What you get:

  • After your purchase is complete, you will receive a PDF of the worship planning guide that will include everything you need in it.
  • A Planning Guide for thinking creatively about crafting liturgy for All Saints' Day.
  • Prayers & Litanies you can use in worship, or use to inspire you to write your own.

Check out our Illustrated Worship Children’s Bundle

In addition to our Illustrated Worship Planning Guide, we also have an Illustrated Worship Children’s Bundle for All Saints' Day. Included in that bundle, you will find the following resources created specifically for All Saints' Day:

  • Children’s Worship Bulletin
  • Illustrated Children’s Moment with a full-color illustration, leader guide, and a coloring page version of the illustration
  • A complete Sunday School Session focused on All Saints' Day
  • A separate coloring page

You can learn more about the Illustrated Worship Children’s Bundle: All Saints' Day here.

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