An Illustrated Lent for Families: Reflections on Prayer

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An Illustrated Lent for Families: Reflections on Prayer includes devotionals, activity pages, and coloring pages for families to use together as they journey through Lent.

An Illustrated Lent for Families invites families to focus intentionally on the spiritual discipline of prayer during the Lenten season. By exploring different Gospel passages of Jesus engaged in prayer, families will be encouraged to learn new ways to expand and enrich their experiences of prayer, individually, as a family, and in community.

This is also a fantastic resource for churches to buy as a resource to give to their families or to use in an all-ages small group/Bible study setting. We have over 60 denominations who use our materials so we're confident that our materials work in a variety of different theological settings and contexts.

When you purchase An Illustrated Lent for Families, you will receive:

  • Family Devotionals: Seven weeks of family devotionals that are simple, but meaningful. The seven devotionals focus on Gospel passages where Jesus is engaged in prayer. Each devotional includes a brief reflection, discussion questions, an activity, and a prayer for each week.
  • Activity Pages: These activity pages help give families and participants concrete things to do to practice prayer during Lent.
  • Coloring Pages: There are seven coloring pages that tie in with both the weekly scripture and activity.

The Rt. Rev. Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows, Bishop of the Diocese of Indianapolis, wrote the following about a previous edition of An Illustrated Lent for Families:

The illustrations are beautifully drawn and invite—almost compel—one to get out the markers and spend time with it. The devotions that are assigned to each week are easily adapted for whatever age person is in the conversation. They don’t presume that you’ve been to seminary to engage the questions and they serve as prompts for how we are called to live as Jesus would have us live. [Read more here...]

What do I get?

After completing your purchase, you'll instantly receive a link to download the PDF of An Illustrated Lent for Families: Reflections on Prayer. You will find everything you need in the PDF, and then you can share it with the families in your church and community.

Below is a list of the themes for each of the 7 weekly devotionals:

Week 1: Jesus Prayed Alone
Scripture: Mark 1:35

Week 2: Jesus Prayed During Special Times
Scripture: Luke 3:21-22

Week 3: Jesus Prayed When He Needed Help
Scripture: Luke 6:12-13

Week 4: Jesus Prayed With a Thankful Heart
Scripture: Matthew 14:19-21

Week 5: Jesus Taught Others to Pray
Scripture: Luke 11:1-4

Week 6: Jesus Prayed in Community
Scripture: Luke 19:37-38

Week 7: Christ is Risen! Peace be with you!
Scripture: John 20:18-22

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