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👀 Brand-new stained glass-inspired Nativity Stickers • Pre-order today!


Stations of the Cross Worship Videos

Note: This is a digital product. No physical product will be shipped to you.

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Your purchase of the Stations of the Cross Worship Videos gives you a Single-Entity license for a specific local church, school, or community group. To inquire about Multi-Entity licensing, please contact us here.

This is a digital product. At the time of purchase, you will be redirected to a downloads page where you can download a ZIP file, as well as each individual video file. The total size of the 15 video downloads will be approximately 5.5 GB. The speed of your downloads will vary based on your internet connection. No products will be shipped to you.

Our Stations of the Cross Worship Videos, along with the included liturgical script and reflection booklet, will allow you to create an interactive and virtual Stations of the Cross worship experience. Our team recorded a sample of one of the Stations that you can watch below:

In addition to our current Stations of the Cross products (Coloring Posters, Coloring Pages, and a Devotional Guide), our Stations of the Cross Worship Videos present full-color illustrations of the Stations along with background music, scrolling scripture, and visual and sound effects.

Do you want to learn more about our Stations of the Cross Worship Videos, how to use them in your community, and see a sample of the Liturgical Script and Reflection Booklet? Download your sample here!

What comes with the Stations of the Cross Worship Videos?

  • 15 Worship Videos: These fifteen professionally produced videos feature the full-color Illustrated Ministry Stations of the Cross illustrations with background music, sound effects, on-screen scripture, and prompts that directly tie in with the provided liturgical script. If you use the videos for all fifteen Stations, your service will run for about 45 minutes. In addition to the fifteen videos, we also included two additional videos (for Stations 3 and 11) that only include the sound effects for added flexibility.
  • Liturgical Script: This script guides participants through this virtual experience and accompanies the videos. You can read the script while showing the videos in a live (in-person or virtual) worship service. You can also use the script to create a voice-over (read by one person or many different voices) to add to the videos.
  • Reflection Booklet: This booklet is designed as an add-on to accompany the virtual experience. It includes a modified version of the script, with additional space to write notes and reflect. You can give the booklet to participants to enrich their experience of the virtual Stations of the Cross. However, you don’t need to use the booklet for your virtual Stations of the Cross to be a meaningful experience.
  • Media Kit: We have included graphics to help you advertise your virtual Stations of the Cross experience on social media, in emails, and on your website and newsletter.

What can I do with these worship videos?

With these professionally-produced worship videos and the scripts and reflection booklet, you can create a Stations of the Cross prayer and worship experience.

You can use these videos to create a virtual Stations of the Cross experience led live on a Zoom worship service. You can also take the videos, add your own voice-overs, and create a 45-minute Stations of the Cross service you could premiere on Good Friday or share on YouTube or your church's Facebook Page.

When you download the sample, you can read more about the various ways to use these resources. Make sure to click Download your sample here in the red box above to learn more.

We've also shared even more ways to use these resources in our blog post, Creating a Virtual Stations of the Cross Worship Experience.

Purchase details:

This product includes fifteen hi-res videos, so the length of download time will vary depending on your internet connection. Because of the file size, you'll download each video file individually and also download a ZIP file (which includes the script, booklets, and media kit).

After completing your purchase, you’ll instantly receive a link to access your downloadable content. Once you unzip the ZIP file, you’ll find the liturgical script, booklets, and media kit.


Here are a few frequently asked questions that we wanted to give you some quick responses to:

How long is the service?

If you use all fifteen worship videos, the total run time is about 45 minutes.

How many people do I need?

One person can read the scripture verses and the guided scripts for each Station. However, you could also use up to fifteen different people to read scripture for each Station and up to fifteen different people to read the guided reflection for each Station.

What version of the Stations did you use?

These Stations of the Cross are based on the 14 Scriptural Stations of the Cross, which Pope John Paul II introduced on Good Friday in 1991. They are presented as an alternative to the traditional stations and as a way of reflecting more deeply on the Scriptural accounts of Christ’s passion. We have added a fifteenth Station, which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus, which you may want to save for Easter or omit altogether.

Can I put my finished product online (Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)?

Absolutely! You can read detailed information about your license on the copyright page, but yes, you may broadcast your Stations of the Cross videos within your worship service and/or post a video online that you produce, including the Stations of the Cross videos.

We ask that you credit Illustrated Ministry for creating the Stations of the Cross Worship Videos, Script, and Booklet. You may want to use our copyright card (located in the Media Kit) or use the provided info to create your own.

We also ask that you not share any portion of the copyrighted material from your purchase online or with the general public. Copyrighted material includes the complete PDFs, content found in the script and the booklet, and the individual video source files.

Purchase includes one Single-Entity license. To learn about Multi-Entity licenses, click here.