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God is Still With Us Lenten Devotional

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LENTEN DEVOTIONAL: What is it? What's included?
This Lenten devotional is a beautifully written, thought-provoking devotional available in two formats: an illustrated edition with illustrations to color, and a text-only edition.

Who is it for?
Most churches will purchase this and make it available to anyone in their congregation who is looking for a Lenten devotional. It can be used with Adult Education classes, youth groups, and college ministries.

Our God is Still With Us Lenten Devotional invites participants to remember that from the foundations of the world, the Holy Spirit hovered over creation. The Spirit hovers, even now. When God’s people seemed abandoned in Egypt, God guided them into the Promised Land. God guides us, even now. In the birth of Jesus—Immanuel—God was with us. And God is still with us, even now.

We will explore Gospel passages that remind us that God is still with us. The good news of the gospel is that Jesus experienced the fullness of humanity—comfort and pain, celebration and heartache, and joy and suffering. And when he had the choice to escape ridicule or rejection, Jesus stuck with the outsiders, the oppressed, and the hurting. The life of Jesus demonstrates that God knows what it is to be human and to be with us in all our experiences, especially in our suffering.

Purchasing Options

This devotional is available in two editions: an Illustrated Edition and a Text-only Edition. After selecting your purchase type, select which edition you want (or save 25% and purchase both editions).

Illustrated Edition
  • The Illustrated Edition is a hybrid devotional/coloring book. Each of the weekly devotions includes beautifully-written content, accompanied by illustrations meant to be engaged with, doodled and colored on, and discussion questions to go deeper with others.
  • What will I get? When you purchase the Illustrated Edition, you will receive a PDF file of the illustrated devotional.
  • Who is it for? We’ve found that children, youth, and college students have really enjoyed our illustrated devotionals. They are also great for intergenerational gatherings because there are questions in the material geared to all ages.
Text-only Edition
  • The Text-only Edition includes the same wonderful written content. However, it is included in a primarily text-only format. The design is classic and clean, and for those who aren’t interested in coloring, this is a great option. Each week includes spaces for writing/doodling and questions to discuss with others.
  • What will I get? When you purchase the Text-only Edition, you will receive a ZIP file that includes two PDFs: 1) one PDF formatted to print out as a double-sided booklet on 8.5x11 paper, and 2) one PDF formatted as a digital copy.
  • Who is it for? The Text-only Edition is great for those who may be less interested in coloring and are just looking for a small, booklet-sized devotional to go through during Lent. These would be great for adult Bible studies or to make available generally to your congregation.

Interested in both? Select the Both Editions option and save 25%.

  • What will I get? When you purchase both editions, you will receive a ZIP file that includes three PDFs: 1) both PDFs included in the Text-only Edition, and 2) the PDF of the Illustrated Edition.

Our Illustrated Lent for Families: God is Still With Us is geared specifically for families and would be worth considering if you are looking to use "God is Still With Us" as a church-wide Lenten theme. You can learn more here.

Weekly Scripture

Below is a list of the scripture used for each of the seven weekly devotionals:

  • Week One: Luke 4:1–14
  • Week Two: Luke 18:35–43
  • Week Three: John 11:3–6, 17–44
  • Week Four: Mark 4:35–41
  • Week Five: Luke 22:14–23
  • Week Six: Mark 14:32-41, 15:34
  • Week Seven: John 20:1-22

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