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Labyrinth Stickers

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Our Labyrinth Stickers are available as a set of 4 stickers and as a set of 50 stickers.

There are many ways to use these stickers:

  • Share them with your congregation and encourage them to use the labyrinth each day during Lent as a spiritual practice.
  • Give them to youth and college students on a retreat.
  • Give them to new visitors of your church as a gift.

Our Labyrinth Stickers feature a labyrinth on a dark blue celestial background. Around the circle are instructions for using the labyrinth: Trace inward, release distractions. Pause in the center, receive peace. Trace outward, return renewed.

These make great stickers for water bottles and laptops or to place in a spot you'll see each day.

Sticker Details

  • 3.5" x 3.5" printed on premium vinyl with a matte clear coat finish
  • Available in a set of 50 stickers or a set of 4 stickers
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