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Compassion Camp: Be Loved. Be Kind. Be You. Family Edition

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Compassion Camp: Be Kind. Be Loved. Be You. is where kids and families explore what it means to have compassion for others, ourselves, and the world. While it is geared toward both preschool-aged children and K-5th graders, it is extremely flexible, adaptable, and fun for the entire family, older siblings included.

Compassion Camp is designed for you to have the freedom to use in whatever way you see fit! You can lead it at your own pace. Whether you live in an apartment in the city or have a backyard in the 'burbs; whether you love creating with your hands or making up new yoga poses, we've created Compassion Camp to meet a variety of contexts and needs.

Compassion Camp Themes:

  • At the Table: Luke 15:11-35
  • To the Neighbor: Mark 2:1-12
  • For Myself: Mark 12:28-31 and Deuteronomy 6
  • Along the Way: Ruth 1:1-22
  • With the World: Leviticus 25

What comes with Compassion Camp?

Five sessions that include the following:

  • Gathering & Music: Introduces the theme and is an ideal time to sing the original music written for each theme.
  • Bible Story: A child-friendly paraphrase of the Bible story, accessible for all ages with imagining and wondering questions to connect more deeply with the story, a coloring page, and a Compassion Camp Poster (using our Mosaic Poster Tiles - learn more here) that can be made into fun decor).
  • Create & Play: A fun mix of crafts and games throughout all five themes to practice our compassion skills and have fun together.
  • Movement: Physical engagement to connect our minds, bodies, & spirits with God. We will focus on our breathing alongside some basic yoga poses connecting the main themes of Compassion Camp with our lives.
  • Compassion in Action: Activities that help participants think creatively about sharing our compassion and love. These simple, small, tangible acts help us express God's deep compassion for each other, ourselves, and the world.
  • Sending & Music: Wraps up the theme and is another excellent spot to sing the original music written for each theme.
  • Illustrated Prayer Coloring Page and Daily Examen Card: Use these to reflect on the prayers and talk about the day's experiences and lessons to help deepen our compassion.

Original Music: We have created five original songs for Compassion Camp. The songs are short, simple, very singable, and QUITE catchy! You can listen to the music here. You can also watch our sing-along videos here. You will receive basic chord sheets, sheet music, and a link to listen to the music on Soundcloud.

Appendix: Designed to help you further your journey and exploration of compassion, we included a list of additional books, resources, and links we found while creating Compassion Camp.

What You'll Receive

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