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An Illustrated Compassion for Families

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An Illustrated Compassion for Families can be used as a companion to our Illustrated Compassion curriculum, or it can be used independently by families who are looking for ways to connect with their children and explore faith together. Many church staff folk purchase this to give out to their families who they know will be traveling a lot during the summer so they can keep up with what the church is doing at home in a fun and creative way.

Part of our mission at Illustrated Ministry is to find ways to resource and support parents who are interested in finding meaningful, creative and fun ways to talk about faith with the children. After publishing An Illustrated Advent for Families, An Illustrated Lent for Families and An Illustrated Earth for Families, we have continued to receive many positive comments about our illustrated resources for families.

For many of those in the Illustrated Ministry’s community, summer is often full of vacations, camps and other types of trips, there is also a lot of downtime. We wanted to provide a resource that would give families the tools to interact with twelve different stories about compassion from the Bible. Families can go through the stories in order, or pick and choose based on what their children are interested in; there are many ways families can use An Illustrated Compassion for Families.

In An Illustrated Compassion for Families, you’ll find family devotions, coloring pages, meaningful activities that children, and their families, can do together, and more. We hope that this resource will encourage families to look for ways they can engage in faith formation together. See below for a more detailed description of what is included in this resource:

Devotions: Each week's devotion corresponds to the biblical stories found in our curriculum. We've taken the curriculum lessons and turned them into short devotions that parents can lead with their children. And then there are times for coloring and discussion questions (tailored for families and different than the discussion questions that are part of the curriculum).

Family Activities: Each week, there is a suggested activity that is part of the devotion. It might be a challenge, something the family can do together, or a prayerful exercise that can be done by both children and adults. See how many of these you can accomplish together as a family!

Illustrated Story Cards: We've taken each of the scriptural passages and put the main parts of the stories onto Illustrated Story Cards with words and illustrations. This is a great tool to help your children with their Bible literacy, as you can ask them to put the cards in the right order, based on the story they just heard. And since there are both pictures of what's happening, and words to describe those pictures, whether you're working with readers or pre-readers, everyone will be able to participate.

Coloring Pages: Finally, the coloring pages from our curriculum and the designs from the Illustrated Compassion Posters will also be included in this family devotional resource.

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